Oct/Nov Budget

This is an overdue post!

Anyway, I have received my paycheck for Oct on the 25th, it means another new cycle of budget for the whole month.

This month’s budget will be a bit (or a lot more) different than the previous month because I finally I found out a route from Batu Caves to Shah Alam through a colleague where I do not have to pay tolls at all! How cool is that, right?

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You can look at my past expenses where toll fees are a pain in my ass since I started my work in KL i.e.:

I had heard about a colleague living in the same district as I am. But since the first day I joined the company and up to last week, I had only met her for the first time last Friday. On that day itself, she told me of the miraculous route. Also, I got to know the “Avoid Toll” function in Waze for the first time ever!

The distance of the toll-less route in comparison to using Guthrie & Latar highway to office is much shorter but the travel time is the same because the toll-less route has more cars and the traffic is a bit slower. I mean, at the highway you can drive as fast as you can. But this toll-less route? You can’t do that because there’s just a lot of cars and the traffic moves at a medium speed. However, the risk factor of using the toll-less route is,  I think my budget for gas may stay the same or may increase a bit. But we’ll just observe and see. Plus, if the toll-less route has accidents, I might arrive to work very late. But touchwood! Hopefully, nothing happens for the rest of the month!

Anyhow, I’ve used the toll-less route since yesterday. So far? I’m loving the route! I got tensed a bit but I think, it will be okay once I get used to the route. Hehe. Now I have extra money to chunk into my snowball or savings! Yayy!

For the month of Oct/Nov, this is how my budget looks like until my next paycheck. The additional RM1 is the transaction fee, FYI. Just to have to include that because I like my numbers to be exact and precise.




As you can see, I budgeted RM100 for my Touch & Go for the whole month. I hope I won’t have to use that amount for tolls though. If I am able to use the toll-less route for the whole month, I have a spare of RM100!

Oh My God. Isn’t that just amazing, when you found out a way where you can save money??

I actually have an additional RM227 (if I calculate correctly) after setting aside the budget above. Since my budget is a zero-based budget, I will wait for my next paycheck whether the extra is still available. Not wanting to count the chickens before they hatch – but I am planning to snowball half of the extra into my car loan and the other half into my savings.

Currently, I have one sinking fund. But after reading this post by The Budget Mom (this lady save my life with all of her tips! Bless her!), I feel like creating more sinking funds because that will be much more practical to have each of the sinking funds according to its purpose and the amount of money is easier to monitor, I think? Instead of having everything lump-summed. I just have to figure out, what kind of sinking funds I should have right now.

My no spend challenge is coming to an end tomorrow. I’m thinking about continuing the challenge. But at the same time I feel like taking a pause. However, I’m afraid that if I take a pause, albeit a brief one, I’ll relapse to my old-impulse-buy-everything-self. Well, let’s see!


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